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Cellulite Treatment that works - till today mostly has been a dream!

Cellulite occurs in 9 out of 10 women of all ages (90 % of all women and 10 % of men suffer from it). The research of the causes lacks one common reason for it, yet they name many causes. The one part they have together is a general weakness of the connective tissue, which is very common in female skin because it has a different structure to the male skin.

So it happens that water retention and fat deposits perform to dings and dents, which are also referred to orange peel because of its common look.

This occurs both on the thighs and buttocks, the abdomen, as well as on the upper arms, so its called right after the place it appears (e.g. cellulite thighs),

We will not feed any theories about the origin and the causes, because that certainly is always an individual thing, and the ways ofd explanation even modern medicine has, are not convincing, because they have no results. So we can state that the often used promise of cellulite treatment that works mostly has been a dream, better said empty rhetoric.​ 

Frustration has printed the picture of cellulite

The fact that it is seen as a common and unchangeable status everyone has to undergo shows the helplessness in effective treatment, which leads often even to massive physical and thereby also dangerous procedures like liposuction and other chirugical operations.

See the quotes of celebrities cellulite on our partnerpage, whatelse than frustration you can feel when a Sandra Bullock says: "we all have cellulite ... it´s nature, Without it, you ´re not human.". You may read that as a reasonable argument about cellulite, but when you are honest, its pure frustration about a situation our medicine has not found an answer for yet.

To get rid of cellulite would be a revolution!

You may tell whatever you want as argument, we are absolutely sure that NOBODY, woman or man, wants to have cellulite if there would be the choice to get cellulite or to get rid of cellulite. So all these selfconfident ​statements certainly are good for the mentality of the people who suffer as a protection, and they even may be honest. As long as you did not see what is possible today on a complete natural base. And as long as you believe there is no way to get rid of cellulite it is absolutely correct to think that way, but all that will change when you can see (the progress) with your own eyes, that there is a way to make it better and better day by day. That would be an absolute revolution for all women.

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bye bye cellulite results

User pictures before and after cellulite treatment with ByeBye Cellulite

Exercise is not the only thing you can do, when you can do

Also, the general advice, that cellulite would be going away with more exercise and weight loss would eliminate the cellulite, is just a sign of the helpless state the search of a cellulite treatment that works is in today. Nothing is to say against exercise at all, cellulite exercise or whatever reason you have for it, but there is a majority that cannot do it properly. 

Proof is the fact that the rich and famous, the celebrities all have cellulite, even though they spent a fortune on their beauty because they live from it. So they have their personal fitnesstrainers, and... they still have cellulite. When models and actors still have it it is the best sign that there is not one working treatment on the market today. Because if it would then those who need to earn money with their bodies, such as models and actors would never have any cellulite. But they do, e.g. Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, Katie Perry, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Sandra Bullock, etc. google it "celebrity cellulite".

Read why we call this cream a revolution - Real ByeByeCellulite Experiences

We do not want to make any promises like all the other companies now about the wonders that can be done with Byebye Cellulite, just read our user statements, nobody can describe it better what happened to their cellulite than those who have used it. At the end we describe the mechanism of the treatment and the different phases of the effects.

This incredible effect is achieved by:

  • improving the supply of nutrients and the drainage of the skin areas that are affected by cellulite
  • the strengthening of the adipose tissue and the harmonization of the skin condition
  • the cell activation and the dissolution of excess fat deposits

The entire process takes place in six stages. When applying you will perceive a feeling of warmth and redness in the first time, these are the signs that the skin cells are activated and the excessive fat deposits are mined. This also leads to a visible reduction in the extent of the affected area. The bulges and dents are visible offset and the appearance of cellulite alleviated visible.

The six active phases of the anti-cellulite cream:

The effective anti-cellulite treatment unfolds its effect in 6 stages, and the most motivating effect of it is that there is already visible in the first stage and significant improvements of skin appearance. The first time that you do not have to decline the invitation for the next day to the beach, because you do not dare. After a few hours your legs will look much better and your self-confidence will grow strong again.

The highly effective pure herbal substances are coordinated so that the impact and thus the visible effect increases with the duration of the application from phase to phase. The cream should be applied in the morning and at night for a period of 90 days. It then can be reduced to a 2 to 3 day application.

It is very important that you always clean before applying the skin thoroughly, so that the skin does not be "sealed" and therefore the active ingredients can not get to the cells. So be especially careful that you do not use soaps or shower gels with parabens or paraffins, for they close the skin and make an impact impossible.

The six phases of effective anti-cellulite treatment:
  • In the first phase a visible and noticeable increase in skin blood flow takes place, as you will perceive it as reddening of the skin, thus the nutrient supply to the affected skin is improved.
  • Directly associated with this and passing in it the heat development leads to boosting the metabolism and burning fat (you will notice in the course of applying a comprehensive reduction of the treated legs)
  • The third phase is an anti-inflammatory activity and the washing out of water retention)
  • In the fourth phase, the cell activation begins
  • In the fifth phase, the gentle separation of excess fat deposits begins (similar to a shock wave treatment)
  • The sixth and final phase consists in the consolidation of the skin and tissue, which makes for a lasting improvement in the appearance.

I still can not believe it. After just one (!) application already in a few hours I had smooth thighs

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"...my wish is that every women should have the chance to try it, because the miracle really can happen."

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":-))))  I have never experienced in my life ever before something similar to that. For years now I am fighting my cellulite. With each new advertising promise, be sure, I was one of the first to give it a try. It was never successful! But I am so happy and lucky having given Byebye Cellulite a chance. I still can not believe it. After just one (!) application already in a few hours I had smooth thighs. For me still it is a miracle, thats why I call it my Magical Cream and I will never give it away anymore. After this overwhelming success I surely wanted to try all the other products too. I am absolutely thrilled and my wish is that every woman should have the chance to try it because the miracle really can happen. You are standing in front of the mirror and you are feeling years younger. Thank you for this wonderful cosmetic product, I give it 5 stars." Gabriele S. from Haan (Duesseldorf, Germany) in October 2015  (translated from german)

Gabriele S. 

After initial skepticism ... now I say ... WOW, this is madness !"

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"After initial skepticism ... now I say ... WOW, this is madness!!!! After 4 weeks ... lost 3 kg of weight ... my belly circumference reduced about 7 cm, as well as upper arms, thighs, knees and calves (the weak spot of many women) reduced 1-2cm already ... now I tried all the products ... after 4 more weeks 4.6 kg less in total, thigh circumference reduces over 4 cm now, my butt lost 4 cm too, my belly 7 cm (now its flat again) knees, calves and upper arms have 2 cm less, this is such a success for me and I am absolutely sure it could even have been more if I only would drink more water and less coffee, well that will be the challenge now for the next 4 weeks to go ... I will give you updates then."  Andrea W. from Sinzig, Germany in January 2016 (translated)

Andrea W.

"My old pants fit again!!..."

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"I have always struggled with cellulite. Always !!! And I have really really tried everything what is on the market .. no success ... until now when I was introduced to Byebye Cellulite. After 5 hours of reaction time I was blown away. It was gone! Just disappeared. And now I cream for several weeks and have lost circumference. My old pants fit again!! Mein belly has become more flat, my legs tightened, and ... I have knees again. I am so excited and have infected with this excitement so many people around me. It is finally fun again, In our vacation I finally wore shorts again after 10 years!!! I am really really satisfied and happy. I send you love for this really great product." Sandra S. Hilden, Germany

Sandra S. 

"Taking this cream made the pain finally go..."

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"I am a lymphedema / lipoedema patient !!! I wear this crap with me already for a few years. Unfortunately I also have a skin surplus caused by a weightloss of about 100 kg. Since a few months I use the byebye cellulite cream and I am completly happy that I have found it. With any light pressure the lipoedema give me constant pain in legs and arms. Taking this cream made the pain finally go. Arms and legs get empty and pain free with the cream !!!! No bumps and swelling anymore !!!! The scope of my legs and arms has become muss less, my skin has improved. My body is dehydrated and purified!!!! I am doing much better on the whole and I am mobile again!!! I really entrust the byebye cellulite cream to anybody who has problems with water and for sure those who have cellulite too !!!!! It works .... with some it works faster, with some it works slower .... but in the end it works with all !!! "  Mona near Duesseldorf, Germany in January 2016


"The price/performance relation is ridicolous for the Sensation of my life! I love it! Never again without!"

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"When you are around 50 and the skin starts to sag, you gain on your lower part of your body and you are forced to accept that there is no more diet without a ping pong effect, because your face get wrinkles and your bosom becomes smaller, then you start to think sadly ... girl its over ;-( At that moment a friend of mine visits me and says: there is a revolution on the cellulite market. --- I laughed out loud and said that we women are getting the runaround from the industry by lots of false promises with the intention to get our money. Lord, what did I spent time and money for creams, for anti-cellulite roller, low-pressure-training instruments with Teas and supply of oxygene (with a hose through the nose) and sports, all without success !!!! Anyways meanwhile she creams my leg with this cream and 5 hours later I see that the dents have become smaller ... okay I thought ... I will give this a try. After 5 weeks I lost 4.5 kgs of weight only at those locations where I have applied the lotion. My skin is so tight and smooth that it gives me the feeling of having got back at least 10 years of my youth. My arms do not look like having wings anymore and now I treat my double chin with it. I will report further on here. The price/performance is ridicolous for the Sensation of my life!!!!!! I love it! Never again without!! Annette S from Hilden, Düsseldorf, germany

Annette S.

Yes, I want to get rid of my cellulite

If you want to see for yourself too, that your cellulite can experience visible improvement within a short time, then click on the red button to go to our shop. We are delighted to greet you very soon as our satisfied customer. Should you be interested to learn how you can get your product for free and even can earn money by reporting and demonstrating others the effects do not hesitate to contact us.

We do not send or give away sample packs! This would only be able to show you the smell and texture of the products, but a real treatment is characterized by a regular professional use over a longer period. The skin needs 28 days to renew as a rule, older skin up to 70 days. A permanently effective cellulite treatment should undergo a daily 2-time application for 90 days, after which the intervals are larger. Therefore trial packages make no sense and would make all of our products unnecessarily expensive, we think we have your understanding. 

Act Now and feel Bye Bye Cellulite working on your own skin!

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All products have been tested by the independent german research institute "dermatest" for skin compatibility and effectiveness and got a certificate with "very good".

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